Home to the ALIPA Group companies, the Salzbaach industrial estate in Wiltz is expanding. New companies are setting up while other pre-existing companies are expanding their infrastructure.

This is the case for NO-NAIL BOXES, a producer of plywood and steel folding boxes, which has expanded its facility with the construction of a brand-new warehouse covering more than 1600m2.

“This new warehouse was necessary to meet storage needs for a range of customers. Following this extension, the total surface area of our production workshops stands at 7,500 m2. This new investment further boosts our responsiveness and guarantees optimum delivery times,” explains Philippe Winkin.

The CODIPRO, NO-NAIL BOXES and LIFTEUROP production workshops have also been revised and reorganized. New machines have been introduced to complement or replace older obsolete or less efficient models and the work stations have been reorganized more ergonomically in order to improve working conditions and increase productivity.

“Our CSR certification makes us very mindful of the work environment and we do everything in our power to make it healthy and safe for all of our employees,” explains Christhophe Losange.

A friendly open-plan layout has also been introduced. Enhanced by various stations with fixed computers and others with laptop bases, it is here that the majority of CODIPRO and NO-NAIL BOXES sales staff work. It is a very cheerful space with a strong sense of team spirit.

“By setting out a few simple rules for good practice, it has developed into a friendly and more responsive work space that promotes employee interaction.   And to underline the feeling of well-being, we have gone for a smart decor,” Christophe adds.

“Our Wiltz-based companies in the lifting and industrial packaging sectors  have seen their businesses go from strength to strength. The commitment of staff is essential in this regard  as we have gone from 17 employees in 1996 to the current figure of 120, the majority of which are based on the Wiltz site,” explains Michèle Detaille, Managing Director of ALIPA.

With the new recruits and the introduction of new companies on the estate, it had become difficult to find parking places. With this in mind, a brand-new parking lot has been built alongside the building.