Our offices and workshops are closed on Friday 23 June 2017 for Luxembourg National Day.

For any information contact our sales team.

Background information

National Day was instituted to celebrate the birthday of the Grand Duke, starting with the Grand Duchess Joséphine Charlotte whose birthday was on 23 January. For purely weather considerations National Day was postponed until 23 June in 1962. This date was retained after his reign

The festivities commence on June 22, the eve of National Day. In the City of Luxembourg the celebrations start at about 1600 with the Changing of the Guard in front of the Grand Ducal Palace. Then the Grand Ducal family attend a concert given by the Fanfare Royale Grand-Ducale Luxembourg. In the evening a torchlight procession is organised in the capital and fireworks start at the Pont Adolphe at 2300. Rock, pop and folk concerts will liven up the evening in the country’s streets, bars and cafés.

There are four major events throughout the day on 23 June:

  • A “Te Deum” in the Notre-Dame de Luxembourg Cathedral
  • 101 cannons will be fired from the Fetschenhaff
  • A military parade
  • An official ceremony organised in the Grand Theatre in the City of Luxembourg city (since 2014).