Pierre LOUIS, 47 years old, has just joined ALIPA Group, the expert for lifting and packaging solutions, as Business Developer.

Pierre Louis

With many years of professional experience as a project manager in automation and industrial electricity, Pierre has specialized in the field of machine safety and is now director of the company S.M.S. – Safety Machines Solutions.

Thanks to his achievements, he brings a new perspective to the ALIPA Group. As Business Developer, he gives technical advice to the users of lifting equipment, helps them understand the specificities of the products and guides them in the choice of the right equipment. In addition, he gives trainings in the lifting sector and participates in meetings of the Innovation committee, whose aim is to develop new specific products.

As an optimist, Pierre enjoys being in contact with the customers: “Good interpersonal skills and patience are essential to understand the customers’ needs and to find the best solutions for them”, he says. In his spare time, Pierre enjoys brisk walking, nature tours, photography, reading and crossword puzzles.

ALIPA Group is composed of 6 companies active in lifting and packaging: CODIPRO (swivel lifting rings), NO-NAIL BOXES (collapsible boxes in plywood and steel for the industry), LIFTEUROP and STAS (lifting material and accessories), AllPack Services and WaluPack Services (industrial packaging). The companies of ALIPA Group employ more than 150 people in 3 different countries: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium and France. They generate a global turnover of 27 million euros.