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Why do we call it
the ALIPA Group?

A for All

Li for Lifting

Pa for Packaging

Group because over the years other companies have been created or purchased by the shareholders of NO-NAIL BOXES.


In 1996 it was a single enterprise with turnover of two million euros and 17 employees. Today it owns six companies, combines a turnover of 38 million euros, employs more than 150 people and operates in 3 countries:

  • NO-NAIL BOXES, AllPack Services, CODIPROLUX and LIFTEUROP at Wiltz in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
  • WaluPack Services at Liège in Belgium
  • STAS near Paris in France

Change was needed, so at the end of 2011, the ALIPA Group was formed for greater efficiency.
This umbrella group provides general services, including accounting and finance, human resources, purchasing, maintenance, marketing and quality assurance, for all the companies in the ALIPA Group. This move also generates other synergies: the sales teams, for example, exhibit the different group products together at trade fairs.

The existence of the group also creates a common identity focusing on the core values of all of the companies: quality, safety and respect.

Our goal

All the ALIPA companies manufacture quality products that ensure the safety of persons and property: whether we are speaking of boxes, industrial packaging, articulated lifting rings or lifting accessories.

Every employee in the group knows that non-conformity can damage the goods that customers are asking us to protect and, more seriously, could put people’s lives in danger. Every one of them is aware that each stage of production and sales must strive for the perfection that our customers expect.

ALIPA‘s aim is to work together towards zero-defect products!