ALIPA Group encourages eco-mobility

As part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, at ALIPA Group environmental compliance is a core concern. The Group is committed every day to reducing its impact on the environment. One way to respect the environment is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This is why the ALIPA Group has adopted a policy of eco-mobility, of sustainable mobility. The Group is looking into transport solutions that are less harmful for the environment and can already count to its credit some achievements in respect of this concept of sustainable mobility. For example, that’s why the staff is encouraged to carpool on their daily commute to work.

Other measures have been introduced to reduce staff travel. “Because of the long distances travelled by staff who come from the German-speaking region of Belgium, we have rented office space in Weiswampach that we make available to these employees one day a week. Where we are permitted to do so by law, we allow home-working, and we strongly encourage the use of modern means of communication to reduce travel”, explains Michèle Detaille.

In fact, sales representatives regularly hold meetings by video-conferencing and, when they do travel, their journeys and meetings are optimised so that they meet a maximum number of clients while keeping the distances travelled to a minimum.